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Avatar Service Srl is a mainly real estate investment consultancy based in Italy. It deals with fundraising with reserved investment objectives.

How we assist you

Avatar Service S.r.l. is a comprehensive investment advisory company based in Italy that is engaged in global fundraising for investment targets including real estates (hotels, resorts, office buildings, etc), M&A of companies, project management, architectural consulting services, marketing, tax, and legal services.


We advise owners, investors, intermediate investors, users, operators and tenants at every point of the development of their properties (idea, vision, pre-project proposals, project, marketing, letting, sale, usage, refurbishment, etc.) until the end of the property lifecycle. We will gladly support you on special requests and with specific analyses of the development market.


Per informazioni:

General service
+39 036522350


General Contractor
+39 02 5465601​



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