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Avatar S.r.l. maximizes the value of the properties by identifying architectural analysis.

Strategic planning: Setting the course

Strategic planning lays the foundation for successful real estate development. We provide various analysis steps and methods in accordance with the property type:

  • Urban, suburban and settlement development

  • Site and property evaluation

  • Location and market analyses

  • Acquisition valuations

  • Usage proposals and scenarios

  • Target group definitions

  • Product definition

  • Scenarios and risks

Project conception

We establish clear product definitions for your property. Implementation of the ideas and visions occurs by means of customised planning procedures based on clearly formulated specification sheets. The consultation covers the following topics:

  • Property acquisition

  • Specification of planning/design procedures

  • Design competitions and studies/surveys, trial designs

  • Assessment of design team partners

  • Product definition, accommodation schedule, specification sheet 

  • rofitability and risks analyses

Project substantiation

The project takes shape in cooperation with the construction client and the entire project team. The focus is on project success at all levels: suitability for the users, project profitability, likelihood of authorisation and long-term investment horizon. We provide them with support in the following areas:

  • Determination of the standard, visual impact and quality

  • Safeguarding marketability and future viability

  • Continuous examination of profitability (investment appraisal)

  • Coordination of the specialist designer teams

  • Client representation

  • Marketing strategies and concepts

Project realisation

During the realisation of the project, we support the client by monitoring quality, costs and deadlines:

  • Client support/representation

  • Supervision of construction project management

  • Coaching, mediation

  • Marketing support

  • Project, investors and user communication


Real estate development also takes place during the utilisation phase of your properties. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Consulting and valuation regarding maintenance and upkeep

  • Operational and administrative consultation

  • Concepts for comprehensive refurbishment

  • Conversion

  • Densification

  • Development consultation at end of lifecycle

Financial planning of large projects from the municipality perspective

With large-scale planning, municipalities also need to know the resultant revenues and costs. Our services:

  • Assessment of all income from the large project (taxes, charges, fees, rents) and costs (investments, infrastructure, operating costs, depreciation, etc.).

  • Presentation of the financial planning over 30 years

  • Sensitivity analyses

  • Calculation of development scenarios (e.g. change in density, usage, time horizon, target audience) with corresponding financial results.


Avatar S.r.l. offers professionals the possibility of commissioning 3d models for the depiction of their project.

For info and commission, contact the 3d printing laboratory at:


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