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Avatar General contractor’ is the coordinating factor between the professionals that will intervene in the processes of construction and realization of the project. This allows for shorter times of realization and lower costs, as the sub-contractors are identified based on the experience of the general contractor and on the convenience that they offer in the work process.


The staff is composed of professionals from different sectors (architects, engineers, surveyors, designers, construction companies, lawyers, accountants, etc.). 

Furthermore, based on the case at hand, they will be able to pinpoint the most critical works to be done during the operations of construction and restorations. Then, given their specific competence, they will be able to get through them quickly and without excessive costs. 

Moreover, tracing founding from agreements with major Banks, from Italy and abroad, allows to offer a discount on invoices and the transfer of credit in case of need, through tax incentives.

Main services offered:


- Fiscal, Regulatory, Urban Planning, Design Analysis of the Property

- Access to documents and coordination of Local Administrations

- Technical inspections (topographic, photographic, Documental, Plant surveys)

- Cadastral analysis and notarial deeds, with assistance to the necessary surveys and re-registration

- Energy Savings / Bonus Analysis and Necessary Certifications (APE Pre, APE Post)

- Architectural, Structural, Plant Engineering Projects

- Detailed metric calculations

- Bonuses, Tax Incentives and Management of Dedicated Platforms

- Testing and Closing Practices

- Construction and Site Management with Coordination of all the Figures Involved in the Creation of the Work (from the Initial Structure, to the Finishes up to the supply of Complete Furniture, also made to measure)

- Relations with the main credit institutions for financing and concessions with the possibility of transferring credit or discount on invoices

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