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General Contractor

Avatar General Contractor is the coordinator between the professionals who will be involved in the construction and realisation processes of the project. This allows shorter construction times and lower costs.

In brief

The team is made up of professionals from various fields: architects, engineers, surveyors, designers, construction companies, lawyers, etc.
The team of professionals will be able to identify, depending on the case, the most critical works to be carried out during the construction and restoration operations, which, thanks to their specific expertise, they will be able to carry out quickly and without excessive costs. In the case of tax incentives, the staff will try to negotiate the best offers with leading Italian and foreign banks, allowing them to offer a discount on invoices and/or the transfer of tax credits, if necessary.

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Our services


Architectural, structural and plant engineering projects
Detailed Metric Calculations
Tax Incentives Bonus Authorizations and Dedicated Platforms Management
Inspections and Closing Practices
Construction and Site Management
Relations with the Main Credit Institutions for financing and facilities
Energy Savings/Bonus Analysis and necessary certifications

Fiscal, Regulatory, Urban Planning, Building Design Analysis
Access to deeds and coordination of Local Administrations
Technical inspections
l Analyses and Notary Deeds, with Assistance for the necessary Visas and Re-establishments
Energy Savings/Bonus Analysis and necessary certifications




Per informazioni:

General service
+39 036522350


General Contractor
+39 02 5465601​


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