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Avatar srl is a service agency created with the idea to link several professional fields in order to ensure and promote a wide range of high quality  Businnes in Italy, Investiments, Events and Travel & Home services.



AVATAR SRL Promotes potential investors to find optimal investment opportunities in Italy.

Avatar Service S.r.l. is a comprehensive investment advisory company based in Italy that is engaged in global fundraising for investment targets including real estates (hotels, resorts, residential buildings, office buildings, etc), M&A of companies, project management, architectural consulting services, marketing, tax, and legal services



Avatar S.r.l. maximizes the value of the properties 


'Avatar General contractor’ is the coordinating factor between the professionals that will intervene in the processes of construction and realization of the project. The staff is composed of professionals from different sectors (architects, engineers, surveyors, designers, construction companies, lawyers, accountants, etc.). 



Avatar S.r.l. maximizes the value of the properties by identifying architectural analysis.


Avatar Service S.r.l. helps our clients maximize their efficiency by identifying risks associated with the projects before they move forward, ameliorating them to plan their architectural development and to tailor their recommendations to the present state of each project.





AVATAR SRL offers full support and advice in the purchase of materials and furniture dedicated to professionals and companies. 



AVATAR SRL is Partner of EN Space Network. EN Space is a network of professionals engaged in the field of architecture, design and landscape. Through event
programming and activity planning, it qualifies as an excellent interface between institutions, organizations, companies
and designers.


AVATAR SRL organized Sports Events, Weddings, Theme Parties, Conferences, with the collaboration of Partners and Local Authorities. Each event was unique and unrepeatable.

Nothing says 'Italy' more than the food. You too can experience the real Italy and the intense pleasure of true Italian fine dining thanks to catered meals, cookery courses and more, prepared

by our professional gourmet chefs and all in the privacy and comfort of your villa or in other house or building rented for the Special Event




AVATAR SRL Enjoy the best of the region in comfort and safety: Lake Garda, Venice, Milan, Verona, Florence, Portofino, Amalfi, Cortina, Madonna di Campiglio and Monte Carlo. So much to do, so little time!


Avatar srl offers full support and advice in buying/selling properties, as well as renovating and maintaining your homes. We have a professional team organized to take care of gardens and homes also in your absence.

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